wing day

just get some fresh air on this Sunday we stopped riding for a walk with an old bike through the tea plantations in the suburban Bandung Advertisements

Flag cycle (Surabaya)

for those of you fixie lovers who live in Surabaya, now do not be confused to find parts of your fixie bike, this store provides the start of the pedal until the full bike. in the month of April 2011 and then shop named “Flag Cycle” is also a major sponsor for the event Roadrunner … Continue reading

vacation to south beach

after successfully running the show “Weekend Roadrunner” series 2 in Surabaya yesterday we went holiday to just relieve stress with a vacation to the south coast “Batu Karas. ” happened to one of our birthday and we’re also there to celebrate with fireworks, playing surf, eat seafood and party and the next day we see … Continue reading


Photo by : BADGER photo by : DEUS bali photo by YEAH The Result Alleycat (Local) 1st Bovie (28)time: 1.40.27 2nd Arif Rahman (14)time: 1.40.41 3rd Hari (4)time: 1.43.01 Alleycat (Visitor) 1st Ige (26)time: 1.40.27 2nd Chika (73)time: 1.45.31 Alleycat (Ladies) 1st Prytha (38)time: 1.40.27 Long Skid Competition 1st Danny 2nd Satya Trackstand Competition 1st … Continue reading

weekend roadrunner #2 surabaya

saturday sudden (balubur mall)

weekend roadrunner pre event1 (surabaya)

Weekend Roadrunner pre-event recently held last February 19 in Surabaya. start and finish in flagcycle, participants were invited to tour across the city of Surabaya to find a clue and post that has been determined   via SUBFGSS

Weekend Roadrunner Review

see other review at BADGER, PROVOKE and DEUS bali


Those were the moments without tears, pain and apathy. On 21st and 28th of January, we all had a great time! More than 150 people attended to this small bash each day. We know that this event was only a teaser for Weekend Roadrunner, but the response was positively amazing. Not only that, the people … Continue reading

WRR artwork #3

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