Mini Monkey (miniBMX and HONDA Monkey)

VIA HELLTRUST MiniBMX and Honda Monkey Advertisements


A flashmob by 9 local bicycle communities in Bandung, Indonesia was held on June 3, 2012. This flashmob was aimed to speak up all the cyclist voice: Ride your city forward and make solution not pollution. The flashmob was led by BikeBdg community, the community that provides the one and only bike sharing program in … Continue reading


Tunza Indonesia 2011

children and youth on the road to Rio +20. conference venue from the hotel where they stay, as it crosses Jln. Siliwangi, the city of Bandung on Wednesday (28 / 9). The second day of implementation     more than 120 countries from around the world and no less than 250 children who follow this … Continue reading

sunset ride video

diaz and yoga

cycling while looking at a white crater on the tangkuban perahu mountain @Bandung,west java,Indonesia

sun set at velodrome

the sun looks orange in the evening and the fresh air as we pedaled on the Velodrome munaip saleh Bandung, Indonesia

fixkidz video

another fixed gear community  from bandung

folding fixie (VIDEO)

Maulana bit A.K.A Dede trying to backwards folding bike with fixed gear, so this is the sense we think that the fixed gear fixie bike not just the view of the gear -stone-

Aci “vello lady”

look around you when you were practicing at the Velodrome as could possibly be a girl looking at you, like this beautiful girl Aci photo : BING ALVONCO LABEL : NEVER GIVE UP x south beachqueen

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