Mini Monkey (miniBMX and HONDA Monkey)

VIA HELLTRUST MiniBMX and Honda Monkey Advertisements

Thomas Porter’s Splendid Cycles

Teach and learn

Abdan and ciluy¬†they were like teachers and students, where andri ciluy who acted as teachers always taught his students abdan not only that, they also have the same sponsor for clothing¬†which is Macbeth and Famous  

The Bridegroom

“andri ciluy” preparation of an hour before the wedding it’s not bout ride,it’s pride   arianstone


very K.H and Ega febrian tailwhip practice

Light Ride

MTB (Yuma) BMX (okke) Fixed gear (stone) Mini BMX (Very k.h) so many riders in the city of Bandung, ranging from BMX, MTB, Fixed gear, bike and other trial see more photo on Flickr and facebook via helltrust

Andry ciluy new Xlife

The new bike also means the need readjustment, Gowes parts are also one of the sponsors ciluy initially gave him frame a charge, but because the position botom bracket that too under a less comfortable to use tricks, a month later frame the charge in exchange Xlife botom bracket position more high, the other good … Continue reading

sunset ride video

the riders #2


diaz and yoga

cycling while looking at a white crater on the tangkuban perahu mountain @Bandung,west java,Indonesia

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