safety first

  There is a saying “prevention is better than cure” of the word we must learn the importance of safety, wear protective at the time of ride Advertisements

sunset ride video

sun set at velodrome

the sun looks orange in the evening and the fresh air as we pedaled on the Velodrome munaip saleh Bandung, Indonesia

Aci “vello lady”

look around you when you were practicing at the Velodrome as could possibly be a girl looking at you, like this beautiful girl Aci photo : BING ALVONCO LABEL : NEVER GIVE UP x south beachqueen

Der Brand der Rütt-Arena

The video shown here was part of a movie role that could arise out of private hands. The material was damaged in several places and showed strong signs of aging. In a special laboratory of the film was first subjected to ultrasonic cleaning and renewed some adhesion points. Thereafter, a film scanning was performed in … Continue reading

velodrome race 2011.

Race review This Sunday were having a little race at the munaip saleh velodrome, so everyone could know how it feels to ride on the track. We count the time for an individual to do a 3 laps sprint. It’s divided to two rounds there’s the elimination round and another one is the final round. … Continue reading

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