beginning of 2013 was precisely on January 26-27 community bike lovers in Bandung held exhibitions ranging from motorcycles, cars, paint and everything related to the automotive   Advertisements

wing day

just get some fresh air on this Sunday we stopped riding for a walk with an old bike through the tea plantations in the suburban Bandung


A flashmob by 9 local bicycle communities in Bandung, Indonesia was held on June 3, 2012. This flashmob was aimed to speak up all the cyclist voice: Ride your city forward and make solution not pollution. The flashmob was led by BikeBdg community, the community that provides the one and only bike sharing program in … Continue reading

YouthlabIndo TV: Indonesian Youth Need More Public Spaces

ngabring biking

Ngabring biking is activity for the first bike sharing program in south east asia,in order to launch bike rental is done by cycling around the city together and do a flash mob at one intersection in Bandung for 2 minutes

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