Admin Team

name : el Octafo

twitter :@Oktaf_RQ

bike : volume trasher

sponsor : Royal Queen

job : el presindente,founder

email :

hometown : bandung,indonesia

Name : Arian(stone)

twiiter : @arianstone

bike : helltrust,ddiamond

Sponsor : Gowes parts,BADGER

class  : unknown

Job: Author,founder & admin

email :

hometown : bandung,indonesia

Name : Agung

twitter : @Agungmuhazar

Sponsor :  Royal Queen,BADGER

class  : unknown

Job: admin,founder

hometown : bandung,indonesia

Name : J.K

twitter : @jakaramdhani

class  : unknown

Job:  admin,founder

hometown : bandung,indonesia

name : Arie Boboy

twitter : @arieboboy34

Sponsor : Pot Meets Pop

class  : unknown

Job: Admin & Team Manager

email :

hometown : bandung,indonesia

One Response to “Admin Team”
  1. BlogBIKERS says:

    josssss…. salam kenal semuanya……

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