Thomas Porter’s Splendid Cycles


Saparua fest 2011 (video)

Teach and learn

Abdan and ciluy¬†they were like teachers and students, where andri ciluy who acted as teachers always taught his students abdan not only that, they also have the same sponsor for clothing¬†which is Macbeth and Famous  

bandung hit jakarta (tidar)

in this event our team won some competition for raec and trick 2nd female race “novi” 2nd male race “peter” 1st trick pro “ega” 3rd trick beginer “abdan” more pict here

The Bridegroom

“andri ciluy” preparation of an hour before the wedding it’s not bout ride,it’s pride   arianstone

BDG to KL (video)

south beach queen Bandung,Indonesia fight on kuala lumpur international fixed gear tournament 2011. video by helltrust

3 Rensho and peter pelani

in competition KLIFGT2011 “Terror garage” gives us three Rensho bikes for use by peter during the match, but unfortunately due to see a person with a gear ratio that is large enough then the ratio of these bikes are not allowed to fight them, because they do not want to take the risk then this … Continue reading

trick shoot KLIFGT

at KLIFGT 2011 malaysia we got some trick shoot performed by dew sippawit from thailand,ega febrian, herry and galih from indonesia Via HELLTRUST

Fight on KLIFGT malay

in the competition this time we dispatch our team of 6 people, only three riders who will compete in this competition include one trick rider, racer one man and one woman racer, but because the female participants is limited so we do not become women racers compete. Ega febrian 3rd Trick winner Peter pelani 2nd … Continue reading


very K.H and Ega febrian tailwhip practice

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