recently FIX BAG’s issued their latest products. This season they took out some of the models bags ranging from backpacks, phone bag and some other models. to order call: Yoga (+62 878 2252 7104) Advertisements


in the late 2012’s helltrust release products with the theme “life and ride”. The new product is released in the form of hats, shorts, t-shirts and more. products that are not made ​​for cyclists, but also for the riders and other

Amble footwear (cycling series)

Amble footwear Outcast Captoe

SBQ cycling jersey design


Motorcycle and tattoo culture getting stuck with a growing fashion trend this season. This is what eventually As Good As Gold released their lookbook with the theme of motorcycle and tattoo culture to the collection fall / winter they are today.

AS GOOD AS GOLD Wayfarer Sunglasses

As Good As Gold Sunglasses Wayfarer collection will release on 1st October 2011. But before it was officially released on their website, As Good As Gold will give these glasses for free for two winners by following the quiz on Twitter ( #! / ASGOODASGOLD_) every Friday asgoodxasgold

HONDA life 1975

This is one car collection owned by Gery and he is also the owner of one of the automotive shop in bandung called Geba  

wooden camouflage

I found this bike during a visit to Vello Dome store Jakarta Indonesia

UNKL bike chair

photo by : MCMPHM, air asia, suave magz UNKL347

AMBLE SS 2011: Play, Work, Adventure

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