3 Rensho and peter pelani

in competition KLIFGT2011 “Terror garage” gives us three Rensho bikes for use by peter during the match, but unfortunately due to see a person with a gear ratio that is large enough then the ratio of these bikes are not allowed to fight them, because they do not want to take the risk then this … Continue reading

Fight on KLIFGT malay

in the competition this time we dispatch our team of 6 people, only three riders who will compete in this competition include one trick rider, racer one man and one woman racer, but because the female participants is limited so we do not become women racers compete. Ega febrian 3rd Trick winner Peter pelani 2nd … Continue reading

Light Ride

MTB (Yuma) BMX (okke) Fixed gear (stone) Mini BMX (Very k.h) so many riders in the city of Bandung, ranging from BMX, MTB, Fixed gear, bike and other trial see more photo on Flickr and facebook via helltrust

helltrust glass artwork

   helltrust in preparation for the upcoming exhibition, the collection of artwork done in stages starting from sketches, digital editing to work on this one which is the realization of the sketches have been made previously HELLTRUST  


visit our friends heri, ony an gia from Slyfix jakarta to bandung and cycling holiday in our town.

Burn And Ride

DIgital Manipulation for Badger Ride The Culture Edition by Adi Prasetyo BADGER

the riders #2


diaz and yoga

cycling while looking at a white crater on the tangkuban perahu mountain @Bandung,west java,Indonesia

sun set at velodrome

the sun looks orange in the evening and the fresh air as we pedaled on the Velodrome munaip saleh Bandung, Indonesia

HONDA life 1975

This is one car collection owned by Gery and he is also the owner of one of the automotive shop in bandung called Geba  

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