LUGGER Project

one of our friends from bandung “Agam Hanafiah” and cooperate with one bicycle company in Indonesia to create a project named “LUGGER”.
LUGGER is bike design development as a means of supporting mini service. This bike was designed in the framework of the Product Design Final Project in cooperation with PT. Insera Sena, Polygon, Sidoarjo

“Design must be collaborate with some aspects such as engineering, with feedback from the riders. These are all the real manufactured. Just go get ur bike and yeah ride ‘em guys!”

4 Responses to “LUGGER Project”
  1. bonit says:

    gowes zenith aja aaaaaah… 😛

  2. Riva says:

    Frame sepedanya terlalu berlebihan, banyak batang-batang yang tidak efektif dalam pelimpahan beban. Efeknya sepeda akan terasa berat, belum lagi ditambah beban nantinya di bagasi. Good luck,,

  3. mentul says:

    ditunggu karya karya anak bangsa yang lain. salut untuk keberaniannya!

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