March oh March Report

Posted by YEΔH! on March 17, 2011


Photographed by Muhamad Nudzrani Kamil


On Saturday, 12th March, one of our Singapore fellas, Bum Ariffin, was organized an event called March Oh March. It was held at Jalan Batu, Singapore, right in the front of T.R. Bike shop. The event was totally awesome, it was consisted of bunnyhop competition, longest skid competition, trackstand competition, footdown competition and lastly sprint competition. We are really proud for attending such an event like that. Congratulation to the champions and congratulation to Bum Ariffin and his friends who organized this event very well. Well done dude! HAIL YEAH!


Here are the list of those champions :


– bunnyhop –


1st – Jaka

2nd – Galih

3rd – Aaron Chan & Sadad


– longest skid –


1st – Redhuan

2nd – Wei Xiong

3rd – Minzi


– trackstand –


1st – Redhuan

2nd – Eujine

3rd – Jaka


– footdown –


1st – Puket

2nd – Jaka

3rd – Jimm Chew


– sprint –


1st – Ujang

2nd – Ray

3rd – Adit


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