TOUR DE JABAR 20 to 23 November 2010

After vacuum for 3 years, ” Tour De Jabar ” ( Tour De West Java Indonesia ) will be held by the Regional Board ( Pengda ) Indonesian Sport Bike Association (ISSI), West Java. Bike racing championship this time, not only to be followed forty national cycling team. number of countries will certainly appear in the prestigious bike championships this time. The teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have declared themselves to follow this championship.
Tour De Jabar planned to take place in the next 20 to 23 November 2010, will start the race begins at this point in Palabuhanratu Sukabumi West Java Indonesia.
Meanwhile, the finish point has been projected over coastal area of Pangandaran Ciamis West Java Indonesia.

“Officially Sukabumi Sukmawijaya Regents strongly supports the start point in Palabuhan Queen. Moreover, this prestigious event is able to attract local and foreign tourists “said the chairman of the premises Sport Bike Association (ISSI), West Java.


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